Appliance Installations

Appliance Installations

Giving your appliance the green light!

Home Appliance Care’s fleet of trained, Gas Safe certified engineers will ensure your new appliance is fitted correctly and legally.

Getting your appliance home does not mean it is ready to switch on. The legislation concerning the position and placement of your new appliance can vary as a result of a number of different factors dependant on the fuel type and size of your product.

Knowledge of required clearance heights and socket connections is vital in ensuring your appliance is properly fitted and safe to use.

Home Appliance Care’s flexible and knowledgeable workforce can guide you through this process and leave your property and appliance – or that of your customers – safe.

We offer a complete appliance connection service solution which covers:

- All cooking categories – freestanding, range and built in appliances
- All fuel types – gas (including LPG), electric and dual fuel appliances
- All brands and types of appliance – we cover every make and model

Leave the job to the experts and retain your peace of mind. Click here to book an appointment, or call our friendly team today on: 0844 248 4591.