Gas Safety Check

Gas Safety Check

Landlords are legally required carry out gas safety checks on gas appliances and pipework every year. You can find out more about your responsibilities in our landlord zone.

Our trained engineers can help you meet your responsibilities by carrying out a full inspection of the physical condition of all gas appliances, including all the installation pipework, air vents and flues.

Once complete, our gas safe certified engineers will then provide the required certification that the appliances are safe to use. To ease the burden on landlords, we will also liaise directly with tenants to save time and inconvenience.

A gas safety check from Home Appliance Care safety check will include:

• Inspection of key gas components & pipework

• Checks for leaks and corrosion

• Use of the latest gas flue analysers

Not only that, a gas safety check from Home Appliance Care also provides:

• An annual reminder service

• Appointments arranged directly with tenants

• Completion of gas safety certificate

• Easy, online booking service

You can put your mind at rest with a gas safety inspection from Home Appliance Care. It couldn't be easier, either get a gas safety check quote or give us a ring on 0844 248 4591 today.