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Bra Wire Stuck in your Tumble Dryer?

Bra Wire Stuck in your Tumble Dryer?

If your tumble dryer starts to make strange noises, or black marks begin to appear on your clothes – you may well have a rogue bra wire trapped in the drum. Take action quickly, before it causes real damage!

Firstly, turn off the tumble dryer immediately, let it cool and then open the door. Remove the clothes and put them in the washing basket, before having a good feel of the interior, to see if you can locate the offending article poking out from one of the drum holes. If you are lucky, you may be able to simply pull it out without any problem or damage, then re-load the drum and start again. If there is just a small section poking out, try using some pliers to gently ease it out.

If the wire has got caught between the drum and the dryer’s interior, or you can’t see it – you may need to unplug the machine, and take the tumble dryer apart – or at least remove the back panel to see if you can locate it. However, this is best done by a qualified engineer, as any inadvertent damage may invalidate your warranty or make a bad job worse! Call our team to book a rapid, fixed price repair service, and one of our qualified engineers will return your tumble dryer back to its wire-free state without fuss or hassle.

Once fixed, protect your tumble dryer from further incidences by ensuring that no under-wiring creeps out of your bras. It is best to hand wash and dry bras for this reason - it preserves their delicate construction and material too. If you must wash bras by machine, place them in zipped washer bags – and dry them on the washing line, or over a drying rack. It will save you a great deal of future stress!