Changing from electricity to gas

Changing from electricity to gas

If you’re considering whether to switch from electricity to gas, you may want to look at cost, environmental and cooking factors.

Gas tends to be slightly cheaper than electricity, which is a significant benefit in today’s climate. In fact, when it comes to gas central heating, this can be half the cost of electric heating. Gas central boilers do cost more to install than electric storage heaters, but they tend to be more efficient, and last for around a decade, so the costs are recouped over time.

What about energy efficiency? A third of our household energy can be used in the kitchen and the laundry. This is because dishwashers, ovens, fridges and washer dryers require large amounts of power to operate.

Cooking is estimated to use around 5pc of our domestic energy, and gas burners tend to be more energy efficient than electric hob tops, as their heat is instant and the temperatures can be easily controlled. Electric hobs on the other hand take some time to heat up, and then cool.

Finally, there’s the argument for gas versus electricity for cooking preferences. Many chefs prefer the flexibility of gas, thanks to its instant flame and adjustable heat – but this will not be a concern to everyone.

Ultimately, the choice will depend on a variety of factors, your budget, overall objectives and availability of gas versus electricity. For example, apartment blocks generally won’t use gas, and some rural homes will be off-grid. Consider too that a switch to gas will require professional engineering expertise for gas appliance installations, testing and gas safety checks. We offer these services for attractive fixed price fees, and have a national network of highly qualified gas engineers who can be available at short notice. Call us today to make an appointment on: 0844 248 4591.