Checks to carry out in between tenancies

Checks to carry out in between tenancies

When it comes to gas, you can’t be too careful. And as a landlord, you are obliged to comply with stringent safety processes, regulated via the Gas Safe Safety certificate process. Along with the annual service and inspection, there are regular checks that should be carried out in between lets.

Check the chimney or flue, to ensure that the fumes are being safely carried outside, rather than lingering or escaping into the room.

Check that there is enough fresh air available for the gas to burn as it should – make sure that vents are clean and not blocked.

Check the appliance carefully to ensure that the gas is burning properly. Danger signs include a lazy yellow flame, black soot marks or increased condensation in the room.

Check that safety devices are working as they should, and automatically shutting the appliance or boiler down if a fault does occur.

The easiest way to carry out these checks is via a Gas Safe registered engineer, who can visit your property and service all the appliances at the same time. Remember, each Gas Safe registered engineer will be carrying a copy of his or her registration card, and the reverse of the card will show which services they are qualified to carry out. Do check this before engaging a new engineer to install, repair or service a gas appliance within your home, and book the engineer via a reputable provider or via the Gas Safe Register directly.

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