Clean Stubborn Burnt on Stains

Clean Stubborn Burnt on Stains

No matter how beautiful your kitchen is, a grubby hob will spoil the effect immediately – and leave nasty smells as burnt on matter smokes during cooking. (Bear in mind that some spills can become a fire hazard too – such as spilt butter which can catch alight whilst on the hob.) So take action and restore that hob to its glistening former glory!

You have two main options to do this. Firstly, you can choose a professional cleaner, such as the range produced by the manufacturers of Belling, Stoves, Lec and New World. You’ll find two great options here for cleaning a ceramic hob; the specialist ceramic hob cleaner, and a professional scraper kit, which removes caked on stains without scratching:

Alternatively, for a glass hob, you could try using a wholly natural formulation that would make your granny proud; baking soda and water, made into a paste and left to set. Rub it away with a little elbow grease and a non-abrasive cloth, such as microfiber cloth. You could also try using paper towels with household ammonia, which will allow really stubborn stains to settle. Regardless of the product you choose – whether a home formulation or a high-grade professional product - the trick is allowing it plenty of time to soak and dissolve the cooked on food.

Finish with a swipe of the Restor-a-cloth for a smear-free shine on a glass top, available here:

And to avoid incidences of further burnt-on stains, get into the habit of sweeping a cloth over the hob top whilst it’s still warm (not hot!) after cooking. The marks will still be soft, and should wipe away nice and easily with some hot soapy water, and a little rubbing.