How to clean your fridge/freezer

How to clean your fridge/freezer

Cleaning your fridge freezer regularly needn’t be that dreaded time consuming chore you try so hard to avoid

Follow these simple steps to get your fridge looking like new

Always turn off the mains before cleaning the fridge/freezer

Empty contents checking the dates when doing so, now would be a good time to throw out anything outdated from the fridge

Take all furniture out from inside the fridge such as baskets, draws and shelves

Any of the plastic components can be washed in a sink of warm soapy water using a sponge or cloth, rinse thorough and allow to drain

We would always advise the glass shelves to be washed in cold water or allow them to reach room temperature before washing them, washing cold shelves with warm water could cause the glass to shatter

For the interior we would recommend a fridge cleaner (link behind the fridge cleaner) most other cleaners can be heavily perfumed and the smell can linger – click here to see our range of cleaning products (link behind here)

Remember to clean the door, it can be done in the same way as the interior

Dry your shelves and baskets, place them back inside the fridge

Follow all of these steps for the freezer, ensuring you turn the appliance back on 20-30 minutes before reloading the freezer of its contents