Disposing of your old kitchen appliances

Disposing of your old kitchen appliances

In the modern era of ‘green’ consumerism, most of us are investing in high-quality appliances that last the test of time. However, even the best kitchen appliance will eventually wear out and need replacing - and you’ll need to decide what to do with it when this happens.

If the item is still in working order – for example, if you’ve renovated your kitchen and the fridge no longer fits, or you’ve upgraded to a larger tumble dryer, then why not use Freecycle to pass the appliance on? This free website shares items that are potentially of use within its user community. Simply register for a free account, post details of the item, and then choose the lucky recipient – stating that they will need to collect it from you if necessary. You’ll be amazed at the demand for items on Freecycle – even things which are broken are often collected for parts or alternative uses!

Alternatively, why not contact your local charity shop and see whether they would like to take the item? Regulations have become more stringent in recent years and not all charity shops will take appliances because of the rules around PAT testing, but it is well worth asking the question. Equally, if you have a hostel, animal shelter or other small charity nearby, ask the question, in case they can make use of your working appliance.

There are also two national organisations which do actively seek working white goods donations for passing on to others, and those are CREATE and the Furniture Reuse Network.

If the appliance in question is broken and needs recycling, then contact your local household waste recycling centre and check that they accept it. One of the staff members may need to dispose of it correctly for you. Some local authorities also accept bulky white goods, for a charge – and there are commercial companies which provide the same service, and save you the job.

Finally, if you are buying a brand new appliance, check with the retailer whether they can arrange to collect your old one away when they deliver the new model – sometimes it is even possible to part-exchange.