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How to Find your Hob Serial Number

How to Find your Hob Serial Number

With some appliances, it can be a little tricky to find the serial number (particularly if it is located on the back of an integrated oven or fridge!) but with hobs, the model number sticker is usually far more accessible. In fact, there are only two places that you should need to look – firstly, at the back of the hob for a visible label, and failing that, at the user manual, which will give you the precise location, or further information on how you can locate the number. If and when you do buy a new hob, it’s worth noting this number down in your user manual and keeping it safe – just to avoid a lengthy hunt when you least want one!

On our Home Appliance Care website, you’ll also find information about the common faults found with gas and electric hobs, induction hobs, touch control hobs and glass hobs, here:

These are useful to give you some background as to likely issues for a sudden problem, but we do always recommend that you callout a professional and experienced engineer who can safely diagnose and fix the problem, for a fixed cost.

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