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How to Find your Range Serial Number

How to Find your Range Serial Number

For double ovens or ranges, the serial number is usually found on the bottom edge of the appliance, or in the base of the pan storage drawer. For Belling appliances, the model number will be clearly visible on a silver or white data badge when you open the main oven door. It will usually be identifiable as a line of numbers, or a mix of letters and numbers.

If you can’t find the serial number here, try looking on the underside of the fuse cover, or under one of the surface burners. Failing that, try the inside of the top vent duct if you have a down draft range, or the left side of the unit with the lower storage door open. If you can’t spot it however, call one of our friendly customer services agents who will be able to advise further and help you to locate it!

We have plenty of useful information on our Home Appliance Care website too, including a list of common kitchen appliances and typical locations for each of their serial numbers. You can also book an engineer callout online at if you are experiencing any problems with your double oven or range.

Why not get organised in advance and make a list of your Belling, Lec, Stoves and New World appliances now, and store these together with your Home Appliance Care contact details, user manuals and other guarantee and service information so that you can access them quickly and simply in an emergency. It’s just another little way to enjoy peace of mind!