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Hang your clothes out to dry!

Hang your clothes out to dry!

For most of us, our childhood memories include washing lines full of clothes, dancing in the breeze on a summer’s day. And certainly for our parents’ generation, rotary dryers and indoor racks were an integral part of the weekly wash.

Of course, since then, many of us have become used to the convenience of tumble dryers in our home. However, the cost of running these appliances is high, especially for older models. Less efficient models cost nearly £160 a year to run, and contribute significantly to a household’s CO2 emissions. So there are environmental and cost benefits to using the great outdoors to dry your clothes wherever possible!

Why not experiment with a combination of low-tech drying equipment this summer. A plain clothes line is ideal for a balcony or straight garden, and rotary dryers are perfect for hanging a lot of washing in a small space. Indoor drying equipment has also come on a long way, and works very well in utility rooms or warm spaces for quick drying.

And as another benefit to hanging your clothes out to dry, you will be treated with the gorgeously fresh smell that the fresh air imparts into laundry. Nothing else comes close to the feeling of line dried sheets and bedding in particular for that luxurious summer feel!