How to clean using GDHA products

How to clean using GDHA products

If you’ve invested in your dream Stoves range oven or Belling induction hob, then you’ll want to maintain the beauty of your appliance for as long as possible.

This means investing in regular servicing and rigorous cleaning, to avoid the stains and grimy build-up which can compromise performance.

To make cleaning as easy and effective as possible, go straight to the manufacturer for professional grade products that work, without damaging surfaces. Glen Dimplex Home Appliances sells a wide range of these cleaning products, all of which are designed with Belling, Stoves, Lec and New World appliances in mind- but which work equally well on other brands.

For a general all-purpose kitchen cleaner, try this product which comes in a generous 500 ml size: Multi-purpose Kitchen Cleaner

Ceramic hobs will benefit from this specialist cleaning product, which prevents mineral build-up and leaves surfaces spotless: Ceramic Hob Cleaner

You can combine it too with the ceramic hob scraper kit, which is designed to remove tough burnt-on stains without damaging the ceramic surface: Hob Scraper Kit

For a high-shine finish, try the Restor-a-cloth, which provides a streak free result on glass and stainless steel: Restor-A-Cloth