How to Replace Control Knobs

How to Replace Control Knobs

Cooker knobs are used heavily, and tend to need replacing long before other parts. You’ll know when it’s time to get a replacement, as the numbers indicating the heat level will rub away, introducing a level of guesswork into your cooking!

Additionally, residue and grease tend to build up behind the knobs, which make it hard to turn them. Happily, it’s an easy job to replace a worn stove knob, and you can buy replacements direct from the manufacturer at

Once you’ve received your replacement, get to work on the worn old one. Rotate it to the ‘off’ position, and make sure the burners are off. Grip the knob firmly around the base, and pull it out and away from the stove. If it’s sticky, use a non-greasy lubricant to help it along. It can help to wrap a tea towel around the knob if you’re struggling with a small part, and give you something to grip. Alternatively, try wearing rubber gloves!

Once the old knob is off, get your replacement and align its hole with one of the cooker’s knob ‘stems’. Press the replacement onto the stem, and push firmly until it’s fully in place. Test the new knob to make sure that it can rotate fully through the whole range of motion – bearing in mind that for gas stoves, the knob will need to engage the pilot light ignition.

Any questions about which model you need when buying your replacement? Speak to the helpful team at GDHA online who can advise. Remember, when you purchase from GDHA, you are buying direct from the manufacturer – guaranteeing quality, at the right price.