Illegal Gas Fitters

Illegal Gas Fitters

Illegal Gas Fitters - don't let it happen to you!

Using an illegal gas fitter may not just cost you thousands of wasted pounds - it could even cost your family's life. This is the hard-hitting message from the Gas Safe Register team.

There have been various high profile cases in recent years, where illegal gas fitters have been sent to prison, and the industry has greatly tightened up its controls and regulations. But shockingly, around 250,000 illegal gas jobs are still undertaken every year. Quite simply, it is against the law for anyone to work on gas appliances in the UK, without being on the Gas Safe register.

Why is this? The legislation is in place because an illegal fitter will not have the accredited training required to adequately service or install your cooker, gas fire or boiler, and you could be inviting serious risks into your home.

So how do you make sure that this never happens to you? Basically, make it simple on yourself by only ever hiring a gas engineer who is registered on the Gas Safe register. They will show you their Gas Safe ID card to prove this. Check the reverse of the card to ensure that they are suitably qualified to do the type of work you need - not all gas engineers are qualified across all domestic gas appliances. So, if they put in a boiler whilst only being registered for gas fires - again, that is illegal. Equally, if they work for a registered Gas Safe firm in the week, and do work on the side in a private capacity, they are also working illegally.

You can also check the Gas Safe register online at: or text 'gas' and the engineer's licence number to 85080. Alternatively, call the Gas Safe team on 0800 408 5500.

Happily there are already over 120,000 registered engineers working in the UK and the Gas Safe team regularly inspect their work. In fact, if you've had gas work carried out in your home within the past six months, you can get in touch with Gas Safe and nominate it for a free safety inspection.

Finally, if you ever suspect that someone is illegally working with domestic gas, report them to the Gas Safe Register, and they will investigate.