How to Install a Built In Oven

How to Install a Built In Oven

Installing an electric wall oven is perfectly do-able with some intermediate DIY skills. These types of oven are designed to fit inside kitchen cabinets, and offer the cook easier access when working in the kitchen.

Bear in mind that you’ll need to do more than simply set the oven in place-carpentry, electrical wiring and heavy lifting are all involved too!

Firstly, get prepared for your installation. Check that the cavity will hold the oven snugly, and allow the oven door to open fully. You should have already ensured that the cavity is near a power supply, with the right level of clearance. Check the oven manufacturer’s booklet for guidance. Then, install the platform. The oven will need strong support inside the cabinet, so ensure that the board is level and installed flush with the cabinet front and walls.

Make sure you follow electrical guidelines and refer to the manufacturer’s guide to check the requirements for the power connection, switching off the power and following all necessary safety precautions. You’ll need to remove the oven door before positioning the electrical conduit into the wall’s junction box. You may wish to get an electrician to carry out this stage for you, for peace of mind and safety.

Then, mount the oven by lifting it up into place and sliding it into the slot. Make sure that the conduit sitting behind the oven moves as you slide it - rather than getting stuck underneath. Drill mounting holes into the cabinet and secure in screws to hold the oven’s position. Pop the oven door back on, and replace the hinge locks as necessary.

Before use, remove any plastic film on the door glass, and any other interior packaging. Turn the power back on and test that the oven works.

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