Looking Ahead to Gas Safety Week

Looking Ahead to Gas Safety Week

Gas Safety Week runs every year as part of a national campaign to improve public safety and Carbon Monoxide awareness, and this year it falls between 16-22 September.

Promoted by businesses such as Home Appliance Care, manufacturers and a team of celebrity supporters, including TV stars and journalists, Gas Safety Week seeks to educate the public about the dangers of CO2, and teach people how to keep their homes and families safe from this potentially lethal gas.

In 2012 alone, over 4,000 people in the UK were diagnosed with Carbon Monoxide poisoning, which can leak from poorly fitted and maintained gas cookers, fires and central heating systems.

To avoid this danger, all gas appliances should be fitted by a Gas Safe registered fitter, and professionally serviced and maintained every twelve months by a registered engineer to avoid CO2 leaks and even explosions. Other measures you can take include:

 - Ensuring that your last Gas Safety Check happened within twelve months – or calling us to arrange an engineer visit on: 0844 248 4591
 - Installing a carbon monoxide alarm
 - Looking out for any warning signs that indicate a damaged gas appliance, including lazy orange or yellow flames, condensation in the room, and black marks around the appliance.

At Home Appliance Care, all our engineers are Gas Safe registered and highly trained in their field. We offer a range of installation and maintenance services, as well as Carbon Monoxide detectors to ensure that this odourless and colourless gas is not present in your home. To find out more, visit our website: www.homeappliancecare.co.uk