Portable carbon monoxide alarm

Portable carbon monoxide alarm

If you travel a lot, particularly to remote areas, overseas areas and self-catering accommodations, you should bear gas safety in mind and consider taking a portable carbon monoxide detector with you.

This applies to business travellers and holiday makers alike. Whether you are staying in a hotel room, a caravan, a canal boat or other accommodation, it’s vital to safeguard your family’s health. There have been a number of tragedies reported over the years - and near misses too – particularly in locations where gas safety is less regulated and appliances may have been fitted inexpertly.

Carbon monoxide has no odour and can lead to symptoms which are easily dismissed as being viral infections, flu or simply fatigue. Poisoning can occur very rapidly and one of the biggest danger times is during the night. Ultimately, carbon monoxide poisoning can lead to death.

It costs very little to buy a carbon monoxide detector to protect your family and they are highly portable. You can buy one from a DIY store for around £15 - £20.

Bear in mind that the alarms should be kept switched off during car ferry journeys or flights. It is best to buy a battery purchase model that is compliant to EN 50291, or an EN 50291 model that has a switch. The best way to pick your chosen model is to speak to an advisor at the DIY store and ask for advice on the best holiday model.

When you reach your destination, check for certification of any appliances that show a recent safety check and place your detector in close proximity to the appliance. You may also want to keep windows open when cooking as a general precaution, particularly if you cannot see the air vents in the cooking area. Your detector will give you peace of mind, and one less thing to worry about whilst you enjoy your trip!