How to Replace an Oven Door Seal

How to Replace an Oven Door Seal

If your food is suddenly taking longer to cook, or cooking unevenly, then it could be a sign that you need to replace the seal. The easiest way to check is to turn the oven on and have a feel around the door. If you can feel hot air emitting from a section, then it's a sign that the seal is worn and needs replacing.

There are two types of door seal - one for the oven frame, and one that sits behind the door's front and back sections. The first kind can be replaced by yourself, but you'll need a professional for the second kind. In this case, call Home Appliance Care for our fixed price repair service, and we'll arrange for an engineer to visit you quickly.

To replace the oven frame seal, remove the old one - checking for any holding screws and loosening them if necessary. Once removed, give the channel a good clean with some warm water and detergent, to remove old grease. It's important that you do this, or the new seal won't work as effectively as it should.

Get your new seal and begin from the top of the oven door, placing it into the channel and working across the door, and down both sides. Use the holding screws to fasten the seal in place. At the bottom of the door, butt the ends of the seal to join them. You can soak the seal for a few minutes in warm water if it's difficult to work with - this will help make it more pliable.

Check back over the seal to make sure that it is straight, and that there are no distortions. Any twists must be smoothed out; simply loosen the holding screw and straighten it. Remember too, to tighten the holding screws sufficiently to hold the seal, but not damage it.

It’s a relatively easy job, but one that will make all the difference to your cooking!

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