Appliance Faults FAQs


Can I remove an oven door for cleaning?

The inner glass of a cooker door can be removed by sliding it from its runners towards the top of the door. When relocating the inner door glass, it must be square to the door and pushed on to the location stop keys located within the runner.

Can I reverse an oven door?

No, oven doors cannot be reversed to open any other way.

Can my appliance be converted to LPG?

The majority of appliances are certified for natural gas or LPG, not both. Only a small number of our older built-in hobs and freestanding ranges can be converted, however all new hobs can be converted. If the data badge states cat II the appliances can be converted. Most Belling Dual fuel appliances and hobs can be converted. No gas cookers can be converted.

Should the cooling fan continue to run after the appliance has is switched off?

The cooling fan could stay on for as long as 10 minutes, as this is controlled by a timer within the circuit board. The fan will only stay on if the appliance reaches a certain temperature (this temperature is more likely to be reached when the grill is in use). The cooling fan is fitted to help keep the control knobs cool.

Is a gap needed around an appliance?

We would recommend a gap of at least 10mm on each side of an appliance as this will make sure it's easy to remove when the appliance has to be pulled out for cleaning or to be repaired.

Why does my hob ignition fail after washing?

If this happens, it's possible the electrodes may still be wet. Give them some time to dry and they should return to normal function.

Can I buy transfers for appliance facia markings?

Fascia markings may become worn over time. Unfortunately, transfers are not available and a full fascia replacement would be required. Please call our friendly customer service team on 0844 248 4591 and they can arrange for this part to be replaced and an engineer to fit it for you.