General Appliance Maintenance

General Appliance Maintenance

Your home appliances will deteriorate over time, but by staying on top of their general maintenance you'll be able to keep them in top condition for longer. This article shares some practical and cost saving advice that will help keep your appliances in clean, working order and prevent the need for a costlier repair.

As well as keeping your appliances clean and free from debris, there are also some individual parts that will need to be replaced in order to keep the appliance in top condition and performing well. Replacing these parts when they show signs of wear and tear can prevent more costly repairs in the long run.

Parts can generally be obtained directly from your manufacturer, or universal parts can be purchased from many different spare part distributors. This article is a basic guide to the parts which may require replacing periodically.

Warning: Always ensure the power to the appliance is switched off before attempting any repairs.

Door seals

Appliances such as ovens, washing machines, dishwashers, and fridges come with a door seal to separate the inside of the appliance from the outside. A door seal needs replacing if it shows signs of wear and tear or has become loose or saggy. They are typically fed into the rim of the door cavity or held in with clips in the corners.

Not replacing a door seal in this condition could result in scorch marks on adjacent kitchen units for ovens, cause the temperature of your fridge to rise, or cause leaks on washing machines, which could all be very costly to repair.

Light bulbs

Oven and fridge bulbs can fail in the same way that a normal household bulb does and can normally be replaced quite easily. Most appliance bulbs are covered by a slide out glass lens or screw cap which can be removed. More detailed instruction for replacing a bulb can typically be found in the manufacturer’s handbook.

Other parts

Each home appliance is made of many moving parts that can stop working over time through general use. To replace trickier parts, such as thermostats, belts, and pipes, we would recommend seeking professional help. For more general tips, check out our care and maintenance page. If you're having trouble with a particular appliance and would like to find out more about common faults and problems, why not take a look at our common faults page.

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