Common Electric Oven Problems & Faults

Common Electric Oven Problems & Faults

Electric oven problems and faults will occur at some point and, when they do, you’ll need to identify the possible cause of any issues. Some problems can be solved easily, while others may require the work of a professional. The information provided below should be used as a basic guide only and any serious works should always be conducted by a professional. Here is a breakdown of some common problems that can occur on an electric oven.

Oven won't turn on

If your oven won't turn on and works off a 13-amp socket and plug, it's possible that the fuse may have blown. If it works off a 30-amp mains power supply, it's possible the supply has been interrupted, so check your fuse box. If the appliance has a digital timer, it may be stuck in automatic and need to be reset to start the oven — check the manual to find out how to do this.

Oven doesn’t heat up

If the oven is running but not generating heat, the probability is that the fan element has failed. Another possibility is that the safety thermostat or thermal fuse have failed and the oven is no longer able to heat up. This will require professional assistance and a replacement part.

Grill won't heat up

If your grill has power and lights up but the element won’t heat up, then it's likely that the grill element requires replacing.

Oven burns food

If your oven is cooking at temperatures that are too high and is unable to be turned down, the thermostat is broken and will require replacing.

Oven is burning adjacent units

If your oven is burning the surrounding kitchen units, it's likely that heat is escaping due to a faulty door seal, which should be replaced every few years. If your oven is new, check it has been installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions with regards to clearance gaps between the appliance and the unit, as scorching can occur if it is too close.

Oven door and knobs getting hot

This is a common issue in appliances that don't have a cooling fan. The cooling fan blows cool air out from the top of the appliance to cool the doors and control knobs, even after switching off the appliance.

Appliances that lack a cooling fan can feel too hot to touch. However, as long as the oven conforms to BSI safety standards, this isn't an issue. If it is a problem for you, the only option is to upgrade to a model with a cooling fan.

Oven door won’t close properly

If your oven door won't close properly then you may have a problem with the hinges. If they have become broken or misaligned, they will need to be replaced. Another option is the door seal, which may have started to come loose due to wear and tear. This will also need to be replaced.

To ensure your electric oven is repaired correctly and safely we always recommend contacting a professional. Why not get a repair quote from Home Appliance Care to arrange a visit from one of our team of fully trained engineers? If you’d prefer to speak to someone, you can call us on 0844 248 4591 to arrange an appointment today.

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