Common Gas Oven Problems & Faults

Common Gas Oven Problems & Faults

If you’re having trouble with your gas oven, you’ll want to identify the possible cause of any issues and get it fixed right away. On this page we're going to walk you through some of the most common gas oven problems and faults and offer suggestions for what might be wrong. Some issues can be solved easily with a few tools, while others may require the work of a professional.

This article is meant as a basic guide and we would not advise carrying out any in depth repair work yourself. Below is a list of the most common gas oven issues that can occur on a gas oven to help identify what may be wrong.

Gas oven has trouble igniting

If your gas oven takes a while to operate after igniting, then you may have a problem with blocked ignition ports. We recommend getting a qualified technician to inspect your oven as delayed ignition has the potential to cause a fire or explosion, which could put your life at risk. If faulty, it will be necessary to get the ignitor replaced.

Gas oven emitting gas odour

A gas odour coming from your oven indicates that you've likely got defective gas valves. Any gas odour must be addressed immediately as, if left unchecked, it can lead to a fire or explosion. Leaking gas can also poison household members. Contact your gas supplier immediately.

Gas oven pilot light won't light

The pilot light, which is located at the back of the oven, will usually light up when you turn your gas oven on. If it doesn't, the pilot light electrode may be dirty and needs cleaning with an old toothbrush. This is a tiny metal rod located between the tubes that connects to the burners. If it still doesn't work, seek professional help.

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