Common Washing Machine Problems & Faults

Common Washing Machine Problems & Faults

If you're having trouble with your washing machine, there might be some steps you can take to get it working again. Here, we explain some common washing machine problems and faults so you can hopefully identify the possible cause of any problems. We don't advise carrying out any in-depth repair work yourself, but this list should help you identify the problem.

Washing machine won't work

If your washing machine isn't washing your clothes, then chances are you've got a blocked detergent line. If your detergent can't reach your clothing, then it won't wash it. This same issue can occur if the filter or drainage pipe is blocked.

The first step is to check that you are using the correct wash cycle as this can affect how your clothes get washed. If you're using the right cycle, the next step is to thoroughly clean out your detergent drawer. If that doesn't work, you've likely got an issue with the drainage system, and this will need a callout.

Washing machine won't drain

If your washing machine won't drain, chances are you've got a blockage or broken pump. If you can hear the pump running during a cycle but the water isn't draining, then you've got a blockage. Lay down some towels and inspect your pump filter, usually located at the bottom of the machine, and clean it.

If that doesn't work, inspect the drain hose, which is usually attached to the U-bend underneath your sink, and remove any blockages. If your washing machine is still having trouble draining, then it's possible the pump may be broken and will need replacing.

Washing machine is leaking

A leaking washing machine is usually down to a broken or split hose circulating water around the machine. Try to identify where the leak is coming from in order to determine the part that will need to be replaced. Generally, if the water is clear, then the leak will be occurring before the water reaches the detergent area.

If the leak is small and coming from the front, it could be a problem with the washing machine door. Over time, the seal around the door can become worn, causing it to leak. Either way, we recommend getting a professional callout to fix the issue.

Washing machine drum won’t spin

There are a few possible reasons why your washing machine won't spin. The simplest one is that you could be overloading it, causing it to become unbalanced, which can shut off the machine. If loading in less doesn't work, it's likely a mechanical issue.

It could be that you have a broken door latch, an issue with the drum's drive belt, or a drainage problem. Other possible causes include a faulty drive motor or pump. Whatever the issue, we recommend getting a callout from a professional to come and inspect your machine.

Washing machine door won’t open

There are many reasons why your washing machine won't open. The first is drainage: if the water cannot be drained then the cycle will stop and the door will be locked to protect your kitchen floor from damage. Run the spin cycle again, clean the filter, and check the drain hose for blockages.

Alternatively, the door lock handle could be broken or jammed. If the lock light has gone off but the door won’t open, the hinges could be jammed, or the door seal may have perished and adhered to the glass door.

To ensure your washing machine is repaired correctly and safely, we recommend contacting a professional. You can get a repair quote from Home Appliance Care and arrange a visit from one of our team. We also offer guide son range of other common faults for most kitchen appliances, including gas ovens, electric hobs, fridges, and freezers.