Common Faults

These articles are a basic guide to some of the most common kitchen appliance faults and the possible causes however we would not advise that you carry out any repair work yourself so to ensure your kitchen appliance is repaired correctly and safely, why not use our online booking service to arrange a visit from one of our fully trained engineers to carry out the repair for you.

Common Washing Machine Faults

Common Washing Machine Faults

To avoid the cost of an engineer visit please read some tips below to deter any problems or effect the efficiency of your product. Regular cleaning & general maintenance of your appliance will prevent any build-up of limescale.

-Giving the dispenser drawer a regular clean will ensure the detergent dispenses as it should

-Cleaning the rubber liner just inside the door around the drum will prevent any black marks being left on your clothes

-Leaving the door open when it’s not in use will stop any bad smells & help circulate the air trapped inside

Washing machine does not fill with water

Check the inlet hoses for blockages and check the water supply. If still not filling up, there may be a fault with the pressure system.

Washing machine won’t drain

Could be due to a foreign object stuck in the drain pump or the pump itself could be faulty. To drain the machine manually, drop the drain hose into a large bowl or basin until all of the water has exited the machine.

Washing machine drum won’t turn

The drive belt may need adjusting or replacing however could also be a faulty timer, worn motor brushes or a faulty control unit.

Washing machine is damaging clothes

There may be a foreign metal object such as a bra wire stuck in the drum or the drum itself could be damaged. A faulty thermostat or programmer could cause the machine to overheat and damage clothes.

Washing machine door won’t open when cycle ends

If there is still water in the machine, run the spin cycle again to run the drain pump, clean the filter and check the drain hoses for blockages. The door lock or door handle could be broken or jammed. If the lock light has gone off but the door won’t open, the hinges could be jammed or the door seal may have perished and adhered to the glass door.

Washing machine stuck on wash cycle

Either the timer, heater or thermostat needs to be replaced. Timer faults can be temporarily bypassed by manually advancing the programme to the spin cycle.

Washing machine is leaking

This is usually as a result of a broken or split pipe circulating water around the machine. Try to identify where the leak is coming from in order to determine the part to replace. Generally, if the water is clear, then the leak will be occurring before the water reaches the detergent area. If the water is soapy, then the leak is somewhere between the detergent tray and the drum so check the door seal and sump hose. If the water is dirty then the leak is occurring somewhere between the drum and the drain pump so check the drain hose.

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