Common Cooker Hood Problems

Common Cooker Hood Problems

There are many common cooker hood problems, whether it's the light not coming on, the hood making strange noises, or if it simply won't work, we're going to explain some of the most common problems and help you fix them. A few of these issues can be easily solved on your own with a few tools, but others may require the work of a professional.

This article is meant as a basic guide to cooker hood faults and we would not advise carrying out any in-depth repair work yourself. Below is a list of the most common problems that can occur on a cooker hood to help identify what may be wrong.

Cooker hood lights not working

Whatever brand of oven you have, a cooker hood light not working is a fairly common problem, but it's also easy to fix. Many people leave their cooker hood light on for much longer than necessary, which will ultimately cause it to fail quicker than it should.

If the lights are left on, it could heat up the surrounding plastic parts and the electronic module, which might cause a lot of problems. You can pick up cooker hood light bulbs cheaply online, and the replacement process is similar to changing a regular lightbulb.

Cooker hood not extracting

If your cooker hood is not extracting and has just been installed, then it is likely this problem will fix itself after a few days. If you have had the hood for a long time, then it's possible there is a problem with the filters or the vent that that sends the air outside.

Cleaning both of these components regularly will generally prevent this issue from happening. You can test your hood by holding a piece of paper underneath it: if the hood is extracting, the paper should be held in place.

Cooker hood not working

With continued use over time, electric components can blow and stop the system from working. More often than not, the problem will lie with the motor controlling the fan blades and these will need to be cleaned or replaced. If you cannot find the problem or do not wish to take your hood apart, we recommend calling a professional.

Cooker hood making loud noise

If the cooker hood is making a loud noise when switched on, you've likely got a problem with the motor. Generally, the hood motor is irreparable and should be changed. Another possible option is the presence of an external object trapped in the hood casing, hitting the fan as it spins. You can take the hood apart and check the fan blades yourself, but if this doesn't fix the issue, it's likely a motor issue.

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