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Find out about your responsibilities as a landlord when it comes to servicing your appliances in our landlord help and advice zone.

Home Appliance Care is here to lend a hand to landlords with an easy to book online gas safety check service. Not only that, we've also got a range of information specifically tailored to help UK landlords meet their legal responsibilities to tenants regarding gas safety.

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- What is a Landlord?

Landlord gas safety responsibilities.

Do you suspect a gas leak or unsafe gas appliance?

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Landlord Gas Safety Responsibilities

If you’re a landlord, it’s important that you are aware of all the rules and regulations you must follow. Gas safety is a key part of this, and not following the law could land you in serious trouble. Find out more in our landlord gas safety responsibilities guide.

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What is a Landlord?

Landlords have legal responsibilities that they must follow in order to keep their tenants safe. Find out whether you are a landlord and what your responsibilities are as outlined by government legislation in our what is a landlord guide.

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Who's Responsible for a Gas Leak in a Rented Property?

Gas leaks are incredibly dangerous, which is why all gas appliances must be properly maintained. Is this responsibility of the landlord or the tenant? Find out in our gas safety responsibility guide.

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